Healthy hair: beauty begins with hair

In order to achieve healthy, beautiful and shiny hair, we need to give our body certain amino acids and micronutrients. Some of the most common hair problems include: dullness, weakness, brittleness or hair loss.

Hair is basically comprised of proteins. The most plentiful protein is Keratin. Keratin is made up of amino acids such as cysteine, melatonin, arginine, methionine, leucine and threonine.

Healthy hair growth is dependent on the following: good external oxygenation, a balanced diet and a steady supply of oxygen via the capillaries, a well functioning sebaceous gland and healthy bacterial flora of the scalp.

We need to differentiate between the hair and the scalp. A damaged scalp can weaken the hair follicle, which will in turn lead to hair loss.

5 common hygiene mistakes

We can destabilise the bacterial flora of the scalp if we wash our hair too frequently, not frequently enough, if we use harsh shampoos, if the shampoo we are using is too specific or neutral.

Shampoo shouldn’t have a neutral PH. Shampoo for adults should be have a slightly acidic PH and shampoo for children should have a PH of 7. An alkaline PH for children can be very harsh for an adult.

Which micronutrients are essential for beautiful hair?

Organic sulphur

Sulphur is a basic component of our hair, skin and nails. Sulphur can be ingested via MSM or sulphur amino acids such as l-cysteine. Sulphur gives our hair strength and texture. Sulphur stimulates hair growth.

Zinc and silica

Zinc is an important component in the structure of proteins. Dandruff is partially related to a zinc deficiency. Some anti-dandruff shampoos contain zinc. Hair dyes, lighteners and perming solutions reduce zinc levels in the hair.

Silica is a mineral that is essential to the structure of our hair. Silica gives our hair strength and integrity. When silica levels are low, the hair becomes weak and the nails become weak or brittle.

B-complex vitamins also play an important role in protein metabolism. For example, biotin helps to promote healthy hair growth – a deficit of biotin causes hair loss. Vitamin B2 also prevents hair loss and Vitamin B5 supports hair growth.

Sabal (serenoa repens)

Sabal is added to many vitamin complexes as it can reduce hair loss when it’s related to hormonal issues. In men, it is usually due to an excess of androgens.

In order to have beautiful hair, it is a good idea to use a hair mask adapted to your hair type two to three times a week.

In summer, you should use gels or hair oils with an SPF to prevent dehydration after exposure to the sun.

Beautiful, shiny hair can be achieved by supplying it with micronutrients from the inside and treating the scalp and hair with the right products, such as: shampoo, conditioner, hair creams and sun protection.

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