Logwood (HAEMATOXYLON) – Sense of constriction is characteristic. Sensation as if a bar lay across chest. Angina pectoris.

Head.–Feels constricted; heavy, hot. Eyelids heavy.

Stomach.–Painful digging from abdomen to throat, causing pain in region of heart with oppression. Colic, tympanitis. Borborygmi and diarrhoea. Swollen, painful.

Chest.–Constriction, extending to epigastrium. Sensation of a bar across chest. Convulsive pain in heart region with oppression. Great soreness in region of heart. Palpitation.

Female.–Pain in hypogastrium, attended with slimy, whitish leucorrhoea. Weak feeling, with painful bearing down sensation at menstrual period.

Relationship.–Compare: Cactus; Colocy; Naja.

Dose.–Third potency.

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