Guarana: instant energy for the mind and body

Guarana seeds have a powerful stimulating effect on the mind and body. Guarana enhances our ability to concentrate and our physical endurance. Guarana alongside mate and damiana are effective tools for weight loss.

Guarana (Paullini cupana) is a plant native to the Amazon region, in Brazil in particular. The seeds are contained within the red berries that grow on the guarana shrub.

These seeds are used for their therapeutic effects, due to their high concentration of caffeine and slightly lower proportion of starch, tannins and saponins.

These seeds are traditionally used in the same manner as green tea, for the treatment of mild diarrhoea and asthenia.

Instant physical and mental stimulant

Due to its high concentration of caffeine as well as other xanthines, guarana stimulates the nervous system thus improving our ability to concentrate and retain information as well as increasing our physical endurance.

It is recommended in times of recovery, physical exhaustion and sport.

Invigorates and strengthens the heart

It also stimulates cardiac function and dilates the blood vessels.

Guarana: Supports weight loss

It works as a fat burner. Guarana alone can be used to support weight loss, but results are vastly improved with the addition of mate and damiana.

Prevents blood clot formation

Guarana is an anti-platelet agent and can consequently reduce the appearance of blood clots.

Other uses

For headaches and migraines

It can regulate the temperature of the body: it is able to lower body temperature and prevent hot flushes.

As a precaution, we should avoid taking guarana if we are sensitive to caffeine or have high blood pressure, cardio-vascular issues or severe insomnia.

Guarana should not be taken in the evening or at night. Guarana should also not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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