FUCHSINUM: Materia Medica

A Coloring Substance Used in Adulteration of Wine (FUCHSINA – MAGENTA).

Produces redness of ears, deep red discoloration of mouth swollen gums, with burning and tendency to salivation; deep red urine, albuminous, and light red, profuse diarrhoea, with abdominal pains.

Cortical substance of kidneys degenerated. Useful in cortical nephritis with albuminuria.

Dose.–6x to 30th potency.

Written by William Boericke (1849 - 1929) and published first in his book "Materia Medica" (1901)

William Boericke was an Austrian-born American physician who became a influential exponent of homeopathy. He is also known as an academic writer, publisher, medical school professor and owner of several pharmacies.

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