Food allergies and homeopathy

Homeopathy has medicines that can help to palliate the symptoms associated with food allergies. Each day there are more and more people who are allergic or intolerant to specific foods.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of our homeopathic treatment, we need to ensure that our homeopathic physician prescribes the appropriate background treatment for our particular food allergy.

We also need to be subjected to an allergy test, in order to be able to ascertain which foods to avoid.

Homeopathic remedies for food allergies

Whilst we are waiting for our appointment with our homeopathic physician, we should take Apis 15C and Puomo histamine 15C. 5 granules of each medicine should be taken twice a day.

This treatment should be added to the background treatment that has been prescribed by our homeopathic physician.

If there are hives / food allergies, the following medicines are used:

Antimodium crudum 9C: If the hives appear after excessive food consumption, especially if the food in question is a meat product. Gastric irritation usually occurs.

Apis 9C:

When the spots are pinkish, inflamed and relieved by exposure to cold.

Arsenicum album 9C:

If the hives appear when the patient is in the sea. The patient improves when he is warm and is restless and anxious.

Astacus 9C:

If the hives appear as a result of eating crayfish.

Dulcamara 9C:

When the hives appear after ingesting milk.

Fragaria 9C:

For hives that appear as a result of eating strawberries.

Homarus 9C:

When the hives appear after eating lobster.

Kalium carbonicum 4C:

For hives that occur during menstruation

Manganum 15C:

When the patient feels a prickling, itching sensation in the joints.

Natrum muriaticum 9C:

For hives that occur after sunbathing.

Pulsatilla 9C:

When the hives appear after eating pork.

Staphisagria 15C:

When the hives are itchy. The itch moves to a different place when the patient scratches it.

Urtica urens 5C:

When the hives appear after eating shellfish or fish or after bathing or exercising excessively.

We should choose the appropriate remedy and take 5 granules three times a day.

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