Bear-grass – So-called bilious symptoms, with headache. Despondent and irritable.

Head.–Aches as if top of head would fly off. Arteries of forehead throb. Nose red.

Face.–Yellow; tongue yellow, coated, taking imprint of teeth (Merc; Pod; Rhus).

Mouth.–Taste as of rotten eggs (Arnica).

Throat.–Sensation as if something hung down from posterior nares; cannot get it up or down.

Abdomen.–Deep pain in right side over liver, going through back. Stool yellowish brown, with bile.

Male.–Burning and swelling of the prepuce, with redness of meatus. Gonorrhoea (Cann; Tussil).

Skin.–Erythematous redness.

Dose.–Tincture, to third potency.

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