How to treat ear infections with homeopathy

Acute otitis media is a painful inflammation that is generally caused by a viral or bacterial infection of the mucous membranes in the middle ear.

Homeopathy has several remedies that can be used to treat acute otitis media or earache. The pain caused by otitis media is localised and very intense.

Infants or young children who are suffering from otitis media or earache will cry and touch their ear frequently.

Otitis media may or may not produce a discharge. It may occur as an isolated incident or as a result of a previous rhino-pharyngitis infection.


Oscillococcinum is a medication that is made from the liver and heart of the Muscovy duck (Anas barbarie).

Oscillococcinum boosts the body’s defence mechanism. We will take one vial dose as soon as the first symptoms appear and repeat this up to three times in a 24 hour period.

Capsicum annuum 5C

Capsicum is prescribed when the patient describes the ear pain as being “stabbing” and feels a burning sensation, as if pepper had been applied to the area.

Mastication is painful. Low dilutions are to be taken every quarter of an hour and then spaced out as the pain diminishes.

Belladonna 9C

Belladonna is prescribed when the eardrum is red and the ear is extremely touch-sensitive. The ear pain is sudden, intense and throbbing.

The patient feels pressure and heat in the ear and head.

Ferrum phosphoricum 9C

Ferrum phosphoricum is prescribed when the onset of fever is gradual and does not rise above 38.5C

Nosebleeds or epistaxis and dry coughs are also common. In this case it would be better to prescribe Ferrum phosphoricum in a 9C vial dose, once a day until the symptoms disappear.

Arsenicum album 9C

Arsenicum album is prescribed when the patient has a burning earache that improves with locally applied heat, by leaning the hand or cloth on the external ear or pinna.

The patient’s symptoms worsen at night, between 1 and 3am.

Chamomilla vulgaris 9C or 15C

Chamomilla is given to children or hypersensitive people who can’t tolerate pain.

Teething in children and infants can sometimes cause ear infections. The child calms down when he is held or walked around.

The symptoms become worse towards 11pm and 12am. As well as the ear infection, one cheek will often be red and hot and the other will be cold and pale.

If there is an ear infection with a discharge, you should always contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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