Dulcamara: possessive, domineering and egocentric

In homeopathy, the Dulcamara condition is a person with strong personality, egocentric, domineering and possessive in relation to those closest to them. They try to dominate and control the lives of others.

Individuals with a Dulcamara personality mark their territory, everyone must do what they say, and they are authoritarian.

Outside their circle of influence they are suspicious, believe that they are not understood and that people misinterpret them.

Their point of view cannot be discussed as they are always right and expect others to recognise that.

They look for problems where none exist.

They tend to negatively criticise others, they invent stories, for example “that their son’s wife does not cook well, and their son is malnourished and will get ill.”

In this case the son has left the inner circle of the Dulcamara individual, who will be anxious due to their need to possess, control the lives of others (of their son in this example) and dominate.

If they fail to achieve this, the Dulcamara individual may suffer from hypertension.

They have extreme sensitivity to moisture; all their symptoms worsen with moisture.

Main clinical indications

Rhinopharyngitis, fever or asthma, all these symptoms appear after exposure to damp cold.

Rheumatism, muscle and tendon pains, when there is wet weather, after having got wet or sweaty.

Flat warts and molluscum contagiosum

Enlarged lymph nodes that occur abruptly in wet weather.

Foto: FlickrBittersweet (Solanum dulcamara) CC

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