Building up your defences: 6 classic remedies

Homeopathy has many remedies to help you to build up your body’s defences. Strengthened defences prevent illness.

The body is better prepared to tackle any viral or bacterial infection that comes its way.

It makes sense to build up defences, for example, when a patient suffers from persistent ear and respiratory infections or bronchitis.

People who would benefit from strengthened defences include:  those who contract the flu year in year out, sportspeople, children who start nursery and people who are over-medicated.

If this sounds like you, we can recommend a series of homeopathic remedies to prevent or treat ailments

Anas barbarie 200K to strengthen defences

Anas barbarie 200K is the medicine for the flu, and can be used to prevent or treat it. As a preventive measure, one dose a week should be sufficient.

Anas barbarie 200K is marketed as “Oscillococcinum” from the Boiron laboratory and in granule form from the Iberhome laboratory.

Influenzinum 9C

Influenzinum is made from the anti-flu vaccine. It is important to know that the strains are updated each year.

Influenzinum is used for convalescence following the flu, especially when these are lengthy and marred by further respiratory complaints. Influenzinum is also prescribed for patients with chronic respiratory problems.

One dose of influenzinum 9C is taken every 15 days when it is used as a preventive measure. If patients feel worse after having the traditional anti-flu vaccine, we can prescribe 1 dose of influenzinum 15C after the vaccine and another one a week later.

Yersin Serum 15C

Yersin serum is taken for tracheitis and thracheobronchitis that follow a rhino pharyngitis (or not). Yersin serum is also the remedy of choice for flu syndromes that trigger a high temperature.

Yersin Serum 15C can be taken once or twice every 15 days as a flu-deterrent to avoid yearly relapses.

Thymuline 9C

Thymuline 9C stimulates the defences. It is prescribed to children with diseases that evoke a tuberculinic diathesis, and should always be accompanied by the base medication that is taken for this chronic diathesis. 1 dose of Thymuline 9C is taken every 15 days in alternation with oscillococinum.

Echinacea 4C

Echinacea stimulates the immune system. Echinacea is used only in severe infections or secretions with or without fever, shivers, fatigue and drowsiness.

It is a medicine that is used for the treatment of diseases that are suppurative or in the highly contagious phase. Echinacea 4C is to be taken in a dose of 5 granules, twice a day once the infection has occurred.

Trace Elements

Copper and silver are trace elements that reinforce the anergic diathesis or the diatheses that are susceptible to infection. Both can be prescribed, but copper is more useful in this case. 1 vial of Copper should be taken once a day or 5 tablets should be taken twice a day.

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