Colocynthis for intense pain

In homeopathy, Colocynthis is indicated for the treatment of unbearable, intense, cramping pain that appears suddenly after an annoyance, a fit of rage or suffering an indignity.

The Colocynthis patient’s symptoms are relieved by doubling over, lying in a foetal position or applying pressure to the affected area.

When do we use Colocynthis?

This remedy is very effective for treating violent, intense pain that appears after an annoyance, a fight, a violent fit of rage or a feeling of repressed anger, indignity or vexation.

Colocynthis characteristics

The patient feels an intense, electric, fast and intermittent but unbearable pain. The sufferer shouts and complains.

The pain subsides when the patient applies pressure to the painful area or doubles over. The pain is also relieved by applying heat.

During the painful phase, the patient is nervous and irritable and loathes any type of food.

Clinical indications

For cramping pain, renal colic, hepatic colic, infant intestinal colic and painful diarrhoea with cramps.

It will be very effective for these cases, especially if the patients lie on their side and double over with their knees pulled up, or when the pain appears as a result of repressed anger, vexation or a fit of rage.

For painful periods that are relieved when the patient lies down on her side and pulls her knees up to her stomach and when she applies pressure or heat to the affected area.

For sciatica.


Colocythis is often combined with Magnesia phosphorica when the dominating symptom is colic or spasms.

These should be given alternately. Colocynthis is more effective for acute symptoms whereas Magnesia phosphorica is for chronic symptoms and spasmodic pain.

Always seek advice from your doctor, therapist, pharmacist or health professional.

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