Coffea cruda for insomnia: Homeopathy

Coffea cruda is green coffee, of the Arabica variety. In homeopathy it is mainly indicated for insomnia due to nervousness and mental anxiety or thought overload.

It acts upon the nervous and cardio-vascular systems. The personality type that corresponds to this typology is usually mentally excitable with a continuous flow of ideas and a fast train of thought.

This personality type is also optimistic and euphoric and may have a tendency towards tremors, physical or mental pain intolerance, unbearable headaches and neuralgia.

When do we use it?

It can be used to combat coffee abuse, as a form of isotherapy.

It can also be used for insomnia, when the patient has a hyperactive brain and racing thoughts.

Coffea cruda characteristics

Symptoms are exacerbated by the heat, except for toothaches, which are relieved by cold drinks.

They usually have palpitations and have general hypersensitivity.

Clinical indications

  • Insomnia caused by racing thoughts or mental hyperactivity, particularly after undergoing emotional turmoil causing tremors, nervousness, irritability, tachycardia or palpitations.
  • The patient has a large number of racing thoughts at bedtime, making falling asleep difficult.
  • It is also prescribed for nervousness and hyperthyroidism.

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