Cicuta virosa for convulsions

Cicuta virosa, or Cowbane is used in homeopathy to successfully treat certain forms of epilepsy. It is also very effective in the treatment of convulsions caused by head injuries.

People affected by Cicuta virosa have a propensity towards convulsions. These people are lonely and are afraid of the future.

If they are completely unbalanced, they confuse the past and the present and will appear to regress and revert to childhood.

Over the course of their neurological disorder, they will initially go through an immobile period, followed by a series of convulsions that begin in the facial muscles and move towards the arms, legs and the rest of the body.

There is neck stiffness, a fixed gaze, dilated pupils, a blueish complexion and urinary incontinence.

Cicuta virosa individuals suffer from memory loss and a loss of consciousness.

When consciousness is restored, there is a persistent, ongoing memory loss that is gradually re-established.

Characteristics of the Cicuta virosa individual

He has an epigastric aura with an intense shock or spasm or a swelling feeling in the epigastrium.

He has vertigo along with visual impairments such as double vision or seeing “black” objects.

Objects appear to move closer and further away or in wave motions.

His gaze is fixed or absent. When he is reading, the letters seem to move around, up and down or disappear.

They are also surrounded by a coloured halo.

The symptoms of the Cicuta virosa individual worsen with touch, tobacco smoke and loud noise.

They improve when he eats – he craves inedible substances such as chalk, charcoal or raw potatoes.

When do we use Cicuta virosa?

  • When there are convulsions following a head injury, during teething or in patients who carry intestinal parasites.

Clinical indications

For epilepsy, together with anti-epileptic treatment:

  • For generalised epilepsy without absence seizures (petit mal)
  • For generalised essential epilepsy, where the seizures originate in the facial muscles
  • For bravais-jacksonian epilepsy, when the seizures originate in the facial and neck muscles. This is common in adolescence.

For eczema without itching that appears mainly on the chin and cheeks and oozes bright yellow pus.


Do not confuse Cicuta virosa with Cicuta mayor (Conium maculatum) or with small cicuta (Aethusacyn apium).

Photo: CC0 Public Domain

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