How to choose the correct homeopathic remedy

Personalized treatment: For a homeopathic treatment not only should we be guided by the diagnosis (cough, cold, hoarseness…) but also by the symptoms of the illness. That is, the way each patient responds to it.

Although many illnesses have a similar appearance, the way in which someone becomes ill is different for each person.

That is why in homeopathy the same illness, for example a cold (not all colds have the same symptoms), has several remedies. Moreover, each medication can be used for different illnesses.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate and regulate the body’s own healing processes and thus strengthen the body and improve health. In contrast to conventional medication which is aimed, for example an antibiotic, at destroying the pathogen.

However, such action not only weakens the immune system, but can also cause unwanted side effects.

How can you find the right remedy?

The choice of a homeopathic remedy depends on the symptoms of the illness or the motive for the consultation.

The symptoms can be recognised through questions and observation.

Basically, the following four questions can be asked

1.  Since when has the patient been ill?

2. Where is the illness/ailment located?

3. What are the symptoms like?

4. What factors improve or worsen the state of the illness?

Attention should be paid to the most striking symptoms, for example, sharp and severe pain when sitting.

Or rather, contradictory symptoms such as nausea that is relieved by eating, some kind of special need or something the patient does not like, for example, a craving for sweets or an aversion to milk.

In addition, the mental state is important, as well as how the patient behaves: slow, violent, angry or wrathful.

Select the appropriate remedy; the most important is similarity. Begin by locating the symptoms of the illness, and medications matching the symptoms can be selected.

A homeopathic remedy is chosen to treat the symptomatology of the illness. These remedies can be used alone or in conjunction with other background remedies.

The main symptoms of the illness should be noted. In one illness not all symptoms are always apparent.

Nor do they manifest themselves with the same intensity and seriousness with which they are described in the medical field. Therefore it can be appreciated that homeopathic remedy is the most appropriate.

The objective of the challenge should always be the search to find the most appropriate remedies possible!

Please note the warnings!

In homeopathy self-medication is possible. Usually self-medication in homeopathy is not dangerous, but if you have no experience then we at recommend having a good homeopath at your side who can advise you.

In severe illness, you should consult a homeopathic doctor for your own safety

If someone believes that they can treat, for example, lung cancer only with homeopathy, they are completely wrong…

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