Chamomilla vulgaris: the petulant child

In Homeopathy, children affected by Chamomilla vulgaris are petulant, irate and very irritable if they don’t get what they want. It is otherwise known as German chamomile or Wild chamomile.

This homeopathic remedy is often prescribed to babies who are teething, who become feverish due to teething, with green diarrhoea and intolerable pains that cause the baby to become irritable and nervous…

Chamomilla vulgaris can also describe a particular type of child.

If the following description fits in with your child’s behaviour, this may be the remedy for you.

How to recognise the Chamomilla child

The Chamomilla vulgaris child is petulant, irate and very irritable if he doesn’t get what he wants. When he does get what he wants, he rejects it and flings it with rage.

When he is reprimanded or disciplined he usually becomes enraged,

He may kick, scream and throw temper-tantrums. He may turn aggressive, shout, break objects and attack anything within his reach.

This child is very sensitive to pain. This remedy is recommended for infants who are teething.

The well-adjusted infant is calm but becomes irate and unbearable due to the teething pain he experiences.

When the child becomes feverish (due to teething or otherwise), he has one red cheek, one pale cheek and sweat around the head and face. He is restless and irritable when he is affected by pain or fever.

It is also prescribed for colic that causes watery diarrhoea that has the appearance of chopped spinach and the smell of rotten eggs.

The child who is affected by Chamomilla demands constant attention and enjoys passive movement (to be rocked gently, to be taken for a drive in the car…)

The child is usually worse in the evening and night time before midnight. He is sleepy during the day and wide awake during the night.

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