Catholic doctors insist that “homosexuality can be cured with homeopathy!”

In Germany, a group of catholic doctors is convinced that homosexuality can be “cured” with homeopathy. The world is full of surprising and incredible news.

The ultra-conservative obsession with “curing” homosexuality – which is not a disease – is nothing new. However, there is a new recommended treatment: homeopathic medicine.

Far from taking into consideration the widespread criticism received last year, the group of catholic doctors continued to distribute flyers in Mannheim on the “Katholikentag” (day of the Catholics), at the end of May.

In this report, the Bund Katholischer Ärzte (BKA) proposes to “cure” homosexuality with homeopathy – amongst other treatments.

The organisers of “Katholikentag” (day of the Catholics) have published an article on their official webpage rejecting this theory. In Germany, the College of Physicians has also distanced itself from the theories put forward by the BKA. On Facebook, there is a group that protests against the BKA.

Three ways of “curing” homosexuality

Nonetheless, the director of the BKA, Dr. Gero Winkelmann is convinced that his homeopathic remedies are suitable for the “treatment” of homosexuality, as seen on the GGG website.

“There are three ways of curing homosexuality: the spiritual way, the medical-homeopathic way and the medical-psychotherapeutic way” said Winkelmann to a young gay man who attended his surgery in Munich, attempting to “treat” his homosexuality.

7 remedies for the “treatment” of homosexuality

“Homeopathic therapy for the treatment of homosexuality lasts between one and one and a half years. First we need to do a homeopathic anamnesis. Then you need to take five to seven different homeopathic remedies at approximately eight week intervals” explains Winkelmann in the above conversation.

He also insists that “classical homeopathy does not agree with homosexuality”, without mentioning any sources. rejects the statements disseminated by the BKA and its president Gero Winkelmann.

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