Caring for bones with Schüssler salts

Caring for bones with Schüssler salts

Schüssler salts are especially useful in the majority of bone disorders in cats and dogs.

This is due to the fact that they are mineral salts; therefore they are prepared in accordance with the laws of homeopathy from several mineral sources such as calcium, fluoride, chlorine, potassium, sulphur and others.

We are all aware that some of these minerals are in our own bones; consequently we can use Schüssler salts as a primary therapy or in conjunction with other treatments for bone disorders:

For fractures, we would give the patient Calcium phosphoricum. This salt helps the bone callus formation, speeding up the healing process, whether it be a surgically induced fracture, a fissure or a non-dislocated fracture.

Accelerated bone growth can cause decalcification

In many large breed dogs, accelerated bone growth can cause decalcification, particularly when their teeth are changing and their body needs additional calcium.

Calcium phosphoricum can also be administered to them in these instances.

As well as decalcification, some of these puppies can exhibit ligament laxity in their joints; this can mean that the dog may appear to collapse or suffer from frequent dislocations.

This is because the ligament does not tighten until the bone has reached its full growth. In these instances, we will combine Calcium phosphoricum with Calcium fluoratum.

Small breed dogs and cats

Small breed dogs and cats whose growth is delayed due to malnutrition (for example when animals are abandoned and spend long periods of time without food or are neglected from a young age) can be treated with Silicea, which will normalise their growth when taken up to 4 months of age.

For sporting dogs, we would use Calcium fluoratum. This salt is useful when joint injuries develop into arthritis with an accumulation of fluid in the hip joint capsule.

Geriatric dogs affected by arthrosis will benefit from a combination of Calcium fluoratum and Calcium sulfuricum.

These two salts help to reduce the associated pain and inflammation and protect the bone and cartilage from wear and tear.

Recommended dosage for Schüssler salts in tablet form

Cats and dogs weighing less than 5kg ½ a tablet / 3 times a day

Dogs weighing between 6 and 20kg 1 tablet / 3 times a day

Dogs weighing more than 20kg 2 tablets / 3 times a day

The tablets should be dissolved in 1-2ml of water and should be administered orally with a syringe.

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