Carbo vegetabilis has a lack of oxygen

In homeopathy, a person with the Carbo vegetabilis condition is someone who finds it hard to think, understand and focus. Their mind is slow, confused, due to its slow and stagnant circulation that impedes enough oxygen getting to the brain.

All their symptoms are due to a lack of oxygen.

They are insensitive, lazy individuals, cold and extremely weak.

The weakness of a Carbo vegetabilis personality comes as a result of having suffered illnesses from which the patient never recovers.

They have high emotional indifference, they are not happy about good news and bad news does not affect them.

Characteristics of a Carbo vegetabilis condition

Poor circulation, the whole body is cold, even the breath is cold. Extremities become blue.

Despite being so cold in the body, a Carbo vegetabilis personality wants to be energetically fanned; it is as if they need to absorb oxygen to be able to recover.

They suffer from chronic or acute respiratory failure.

They also suffer from flatulence and abdominal bloating, especially after eating to excess or having consumed alcohol.

They have intolerance to alcohol, specifically wine and also fatty foods. Their head/face is red after eating, or drinking alcohol.

To whom is Carbo vegetabilis prescribed?

Carbo vegetabilis can be useful for two types of patients:

  • patients who like to eat, have much bloating and are prone to drinking alcohol
  • the elderly, sick or fatigued that are weakened by a previous illness.

Main indications

Abdominal swelling above the navel, that improves with belching and worsens with alcohol and fatty foods.

Hot flashes after drinking alcohol or after coughing.

Also, for gangrene, chilblains, varicose veins and ulcers, heart disorders and bronchospasms or respiratory failure.

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