Cantharis vesicatoria for burning cystitis

In Homeopathy, Cantharis vesicatoria is widely used for the treatment of burning cystitis and intense burning sensations. It has a great affinity with the skin, the urinary tract and the genitals.

Cantharis vesicatoria is also known as Spanish fly.

Characteristics of the Cantharis vesicatoria individual

The symptoms are always accompanied by intense burning sensations and a feeling of rawness in the skin or the mucous membranes.

These become worse when the patient urinates, drinks coffee, is touched or pressed down on, stands up or walks.

The symptoms improve with rest.

Intense sexual arousal that is painful, such as priapism or vaginitis, can occur.

The patient may also feel anxious and agitated.

When do we prescribe Cantharis vesicatoria?

It is prescribed or acute inflammations or infections of the urinary tract that cause an intense burning sensation.

It is also prescribed for afflictions of the mucous membranes or the skin, when lesions with small blisters appear on otherwise healthy skin, or when there are burning pains and scalds.

Clinical indications

  • For acute or recurrent cystitis that causes burning before, during and after urinating. When there is a constant need to urinate, but only a few drops can be expelled.
  • For reddish-brown urine that usually has blood in it and burns intensely.
  • For second-degree burns that are characterised by the presence of blisters and produced by hot liquids, sunstrokes or sunburns. It is also used for herpes.
  • For necrotic angina, acute myringitis and phlyctenular ear infections.
  • For mouth cankers that burn.
  • For painful acute keratoconjunctivitis that affects welders or people who are blinded by snow.
  • For pleurisy, pleural effusion with dyspnoea and pain

Did you know…?

Cantharidin was used by witches in all their love-potions

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