Aurum metallicum: “I don’t want to live”

In homeopathy, Aurum metallicum is otherwise known as metallic gold. The person who is affected by Aurum metallicum wants to shine, to be in charge and better him or herself. This person is active, authoritative and will reach success and even stardom.

If they are depressed, they are bad tempered and often suicidal. They become closed-in and deeply depressed, losing the will to live. They become solitary and separate from the rest of the world and keep their feelings to themselves.

It is prescribed for cardio-vascular and ENT pathologies as well as severe depression.

Their achievements, strength, courage and exploits give them pleasure – they take pride in them. These people are very worthy, but need recognition from everyone.

Napoleon Bonaparte was an Aurum metallicum individual

They will usually reach senior positions. Their behaviour is changeable and sometimes humourless – they have a tendency towards anger. A typical example of this personality is Napoleon Bonaparte.

These are individuals with many good qualities: they are intelligent, well-mannered, honest, responsible, hard-working and successful.

They value gold (money) – material possessions are important to them, which is why they work so hard.

Work is the most important aspect of the Aurum metallicum individual’s life.

When they are unbalanced they lack self-confidence, are self-critical, have strong feelings of failure and indignation, feel guilty and as though they have done everything wrong, even if this does not represent reality.

When they are in this frame of mind they become irritable, aggressive and enraged, especially if somebody contradicts them.

Over time, this irritability is internalised and the Aurum metallicum person falls into a deep depression, loses the will to live and feels as though he is already dead.

Aurum metallicum: prayers and cries

When they fall into despair they feel suicidal and comfort themselves with prayers and cries.

Suicide becomes an obsession. When everyone believes that he is happy, that he has everything in life, it all comes to an end and he commits suicide.

Nobody had the slightest idea of the suffering he was going through. The Aurum metallicum person needed affection that he did not receive.

He has a predisposition towards heart disease, high blood pressure, rhinitis, sinusitis or ear infections with secretions that smell unpleasant and bone pain.

When do we prescribe Aurum metallicum?

  • We prescribe it for high blood pressure and alcoholism.
  • It is used in situations that prompt a sudden change in responsibility or rhythm and lead to depression.
  • When a person is disappointed following a failure or, in the case of the elderly, pensioners who don’t see the meaning of life.
  • For deep depression, where the person becomes enraged when he is contradicted and displays frequent outbreaks of violence and anger.
  • Aurum metallicum individuals can become obsessed with suicide.


They have a tendency to suffer from cardio-vascular diseases and diseases affecting the liver. They have violent palpitations with anxiety and the feeling that their heart has stopped, followed by a strong impact. They can sometimes have hemianopia, where the patient can only see the bottom half of objects.

Aurum metallicum individuals feel worse at night, in the cold of winter and when they are contradicted. Their behaviour is very changeable and their false happiness turns into ever more frequent violent outbursts.

When they are contradicted, they become even more enraged. They fall into a deep sadness and start to have obsessive suicidal thoughts. They may yearn for alcohol.

The main indications for Aurum metallicum

  • High blood pressure, heart disease (palpitations, extra systole…)
  • For anger in children and depression in the elderly.
  • For reactive depression in adults who experience failure or guilt or as a reaction to retirement in the elderly.
  • For alcoholism where the person displays the typical Aurum metallicum signs. The breath is foul-smelling, the tongue is dirty, they have indigestion, nausea and haemorrhoids that bleed. Aurum metallicum may have hepatic afflictions, cirrhosis in extreme cases. We must clarify that Aurum works on an emotional level in alcoholism, but this does not mean that the Aurum metallicum individual is an alcoholic. He may or may not be.
  • In conjunctivitis that is accompanied by photophobia or glaucoma
  • In rhinitis, chronic sinusitis with unpleasant-smelling excretions. For ear secretions.

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