Arsenicum album: the fanaticist

In Homeopathy, Arsenicum album is a child or adult who is careful, meticulous, fanatical, narcissistic, always dressed to the nines, miserly, anxious, and fearful of death.

Arsenicum album individuals are sensitive to the cold, weak, tired and anaemic.

They are weak and lethargic when they are very agitated or immobilised. The weakness itself causes anxiety as the individual believes that he is going to die.

The Arsenicum album person is very tidy, punctual, perfectionist, intelligent and critical of others. he  has a great capacity for learning and a thirst for knowledge.

How to recognise an Arsenicum album individual?

He is always dressed to the nines, always concerned with his appearance. He is emotional, sensitive and fanatical.

He is extremely tidy – a typical example of this could be that the clothes in his wardrobe are colour-coded.

When he is unbalanced he is a sickly person, easily fatigued, sensitive to the cold and extremely worried about his health.

Weakness and illness can cause him to become so anxious that they can have disastrous consequences.

When he is unwell, he feels an intense burning sensation (like hot coals), extreme weakness and sensitivity to the cold.

The Arsenicum album person feels worse when it is cold and in between the hours of 1 and 3am, which, when he is unwell, is when he has a tendency to wake up feeling anxious about dying.

He has frequent ailments that appear at regular intervals, ie. a stomach ache that appears every day at a certain time.

He may have skin conditions that alternate with other internal organ conditions, such as asthma.

The skin problems will improve, at which point he may develop asthma or a runny nose and vice versa.

Clinical indications

In food poisoning, contaminated seafood, damaged tinned food, wild mushrooms. Would also be useful whilst travelling or when there is chronic intoxication from medicines or other substances.

It is also prescribed for gastroenteritis, chronic rhinitis, frequent ear infections, dermatitis, asthma, fatigue or weakness.

Foto: Photo: CC0 Public Domain

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