Antimonium crudum: the big eater

In Homeopathy, a Antimonium crudum person is overweight, greedy and constantly thinks about eating. This remedy has an affinity for the digestive system and the skin.

Antimonium crudum is useful in reducing food cravings and excessive food consumption.

The Antimodum crudum person is usually obese, enjoys eating and has digestive and skin disorders.

He needs to eat excessively, until he is completely full to bursting, he never feels satisfied. He is an irritable and generally sad and low-spirited person.

These people idealise love and if they are disappointed in love, this is displayed through their skin and they eat excessively.

These are people in need of love and affection.

When do we use Antimonium crudum?

We prescribe it for excessive food consumption and bulimia.


The person feels very full, like he has had too much to eat. His burps taste like the food he has ingested.

His tongue is white and covered in a thick, milky layer.

He has small blisters on his skin, especially around the mouth. Hard warts appear on the palms of his hands or on the soles of his feet.

His nails are thick and hard but they crack easily.

Characteristics of the Antimonium crudum individual

He feels worse after eating excessively. Symptoms are improved with locally applied heat.

He has frequent headaches that appear at the same time as digestive ailments. He enjoys eating cold meats and acidic foods, but these do not agree with him.

Main indications

For impetigo, hyperkeratosis (calluses or psoriasis) and warts that appear on the soles of the feet and have a similar shape to a cauliflower.

Did you know…?

Antimodium crudum is used in the manufacture of flares, explosives, smoke bombs and paint pigments.

Photo: CC0 Public Domain

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