How to treat acne rosacea with homeopathy

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that is characterised by facial erythema (redness). It generally starts with a reddening of the cheeks, the nose, the forehead or the chin.

The symptoms are: semi-permanent redness, couperose or dilation of the superficial blood vessels on the face, red papules (tiny bumps) and pustules.

It can also affect the eyes. In some advanced cases, the patient can develop a red lobulated nose (rhynophyma).

It affects members of both sexes put is almost three times more common in women. It affects women over the age of 40 who have hormonal, digestive or nervous disorders and alcoholics of both sexes.

Homeopathic medicines for acne rosacea

Homeopathic treatment includes symptomatic and base medication, but these medicines need to be combined with medicines that act upon the digestive system (Nux vomica, Lycopodium…), medicines that act upon the emotional sphere (Ignatia, Gelsemium sempervirens…), medicines that correct hormonal disorders (Folliculinum 30C) and creams that are especially for rosacea.

Homeopathic treatment is especially effective if it is conducted by a specialist homeopath.

Symptomatic medicines

Carbo vegetalis 5C

This is the homeopathic medicine with a pathogenesis that exhibits facial marks identical to those exhibited by rosacea.

Sanguinaria canadensis 5C

This is prescribed when there are marks on the cheeks that are accompanied by a burning, itching sensation that is aggravated by heat.

It is especially useful when periods are very light or for hot flushes with redness in the cheeks.

Eugenia jambosa 5C

This is the medicine of choice for acne rosacea caused by excessive consumption of alcohol (in alcoholics).

Base medicines

Lachesis 15 or 30C

This medicine is indicated for women whose acne is exacerbated by the menopause or before menstruation. It is also indicated for alcoholics and for localised nose rosacea.

Sulfur 15 or 30C

This medicine is indicated when there is a burning sensation in the limbs and when there are digestive and circulation complaints due to a sedentary lifestyle. It works well in conjunction with Lachesis.

Sepia officinalis 15 or 30C

This medicine is for acne rosacea that appears around the mouth. The patient also has digestive and circulatory disorders. They have a tendency to become depressed.

Always seek advice from your doctor, therapist, pharmacist or health professional. 

Foto: M. Sand, D. Sand, C. Thrandorf, V. Paech, P. Altmeyer, F. G. Bechara

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