9 questions and answers on homeopathy

Here we answer some frequently asked questions about homeopathy. For questions such as, what does C mean, how does homeopathy act, can I take homeopathy while pregnant among others, and we will give brief answers.

What is the prescription of a homeopathic medication?

The prescription of a homeopathic medication consists of administering to the patients low or infinitesimal doses of a substance which, when given to a healthy person in larger doses, cause symptoms identical to those of the patient.

What is a homeopathic doctor?

A doctor, who, in addition to his studies in medicine, decided to complete his training studying homeopathic medicines, the recommendations and therapeutic possibilities.

Homeopathy can solve a large number of diseases that can be found every day.

Allergic diseases, ENT repeat disorders, flu and stress and anxiety are some of the pathologies where homeopathy finds its recommendation.

The scope of homeopathy is large and the homeopath knows its possibilities and limitations perfectly.

Can I follow a homeopathic treatment and another allopathic at the same time?

There is no contraindication to follow a set treatment. Your doctor is the most qualified person to advise you if you should continue the two treatments simultaneously.

Can pregnant women be treated with homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicines have no known side effects or contraindications. Everyone can take them, even infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Where I can buy homeopathic medicines?

Like any medicine, homeopathic medicines are sold exclusively in pharmacies. Feel free to ask your pharmacist for advice.

How is a homeopathic medicine given?

It occurs mainly by two pharmaceutical forms: a tube of granules and dose of globules. Granules and globules are spheres that are composed of sucrose and lactose.

The content of the dose of globules is taken at once. The granules are usually administered five granules at a time.

Homeopathic medications are also presented in tablets, drops, ointments, ampoules, and suppositories…

How are homeopathic medicines are taken?

Homeopathic medicines for oral administration are usually absorbed sublingually, in the case of granules, pellets and tablets; they are left to dissolve under the tongue.

The syrups and drops remain in the mouth for one minute before swallowing.

What is C?

C means Centesimal. It indicates that the active medicinal substance has been prepared according to the method of preparation by successive dilutions to the hundredth, invented by the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann.

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