Vomiting during pregnancy

Vomiting and sickness are very common in the first trimester of pregnancy. Homeopathy can help to alleviate these symptoms, with no side effects on the mother or the foetus.

Homeopathic remedies for vomiting during pregnancy
Sepia officinalis

Sepia officinalis is prescribed when the expectant mother feels:

  • An empty stomach that does not feel full after eating
  • Nausea when she sees or smells food, morning sickness before breakfast
  • An aversion to tobacco smoke
  • Vomiting that occurs after eating and a craving for acidic, highly seasoned and pickled foods

Ipeca is precribed when the vomit has a mucous texture or when the nausea is constant, causes sweats, paleness, low blood pressure and low heart frequency.

The sickness is not relieved by vomiting and increases with movement. Thirst decreases.

Bryonia alba

The vomit is bilious, occurs when there is movement and ceases with rest. Bryonia sickness and vomiting appears immediately after getting up in the morning.

The expectant mother is intensely thirsty and has an intolerance of cabbage.


Kreosotum is a peculiar homeopathic medicine. The expectant mother has heartburn at the end of meals and later produces a burning vomit that is comprised of undigested foods.

It is prescribed in low dilutions, 5 granules before meals.

Cocculus indicus

This is indicated for nausea and vomiting with extreme vertigo and yawning.

The vomiting is aggravated by strong smells (tobacco) and a lack of sleep. Symptoms improve in warm weather.


The expectant mother has cold sweats, pallor and palpitations with vertigo and a feeling of faintness, nausea and vomiting.

She has diarrhoea with a cold feeling in the abdomen. Symptoms are aggravated by movement and heat and vastly improved with fresh air or closing her eyes.

Ignatia amara

Ignatia is a medicine that has paradoxical properties. The expectant mother is anxious, hypersensitive and feels a constriction around her throat that feels better when she sighs.

The Ignatia individual sighs and deals with her sickness by eating or distracting herself.

This is a medicine that targets behaviour and is prescribed in a dilution of 9C once or twice a day (in the morning upon waking and in the evening before bed).

Nux Vomica

This medication is not usually prescribed for pregnancy-related sickness.

It is only justified if the nausea appears after meals and when there is a gastric intolerance of coffee as well as a few other signs that are connected to this medicine (a strong need to have an afternoon nap, nervousness, hypersensitivity and midnight insomnia).

It is prescribed in a dilution of 9C. 5 granules are to be taken before meals.

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