Veratrum album: absolute power

In Homeopathy, a Veratrum album person is hyper-active, has boundless energy and never stops doing things. The Veratrum album child can be very tiring and constantly runs around and demands our attention.

This remedy has been used successfully in high dilutions for the treatment of anger problems.

The Veratrum album individual has identity issues and may sometimes believe that he is the “chosen one” who has come to save the world.

He could become a religious leader who is charismatic, perverse and manipulative.

The god who has come to save mankind

The person who fulfils the Veratrum album profile can be a political leader, a tyrant who is domineering and dangerous.

He is power-crazed and feels superior to everyone else – he is a god who has come to save mankind.

He is obsessed with reaching his goal, which is total power, and loses his sense of identity.

He is disconnected from reality, from what goes on around him; he misrepresents reality in order to reach his goal.

A deceitful dictator

He is ambitious, arrogant, proud and deceitful. He is an autocrat who lacks any kind of empathy and has an over-valued concept of himself.

His only goal is to achieve power and reach the highest echelons of social hierarchy.

He sells himself as a rich and powerful man, when this isn’t the case.

He has megalomaniac tendencies, the more he gets, the more he wants, hence the fact he will never reach his ultimate goal.

The feelings of the Veratrum album individual

When he is unbalanced, he can become melancholic and aggressive. He has an intense weakness that can sometimes cause him to become delirious, shiverish and feverish.

His face is pale and his limbs take on a bluish tinge.

He feels frozen all over his body or in his mouth or tongue. He feels as though his head is covered in a layer of ice.

The Veratrum album person may feel a burning inner pain that contrasts with his cold skin and sweats. He develops painful abdominal cramps.

The main indications

It can be used to treat diarrhoea with abundant stools, dehydration and stomach cramps.

It is also efficient in the treatment of gastro-enteritis that makes the patient feel generally exhausted.

It is used for painful periods with cramps, cold sweats and malaise.

According to Hahnemann, Veratrum album “has the power to cure almost a third of mentally disturbed patients who are held in psychiatric institutions”.

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