Nux vomica: an obsession with excesses

Nux vomica in homeopathy is prepared from the dried seeds of the Nux vomica tree. Nux vomica has affinity with the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract.

It can be prescribed amongst others for a cold, for spasmodic arterial hypertension, for symptoms affecting the otorhinolaryngologic sphere (ENT).

An individual with a Nux vomica personality lives for and because of their work. They can suffer reactive depression due to overload and professional worries.

Stress at work can actually cause insomnia. Sometimes, they may have suicidal impulses despite the fear of death.

A Nux vomica individual is a generally thin, very active and nervous person. They often abuse tobacco and stimulants. They like alcohol and a lot of heavy meals.

The results of this abuse are stomach aches and headaches, with a tendency to take too many medications.

They are straightforward people and they put their heart into everything they do. Usually they are the boss or the person that supervises other jobs.

How to recognise a Nux vomica individual?

There really is not a specific morphology for Nux vomica. They have a tendency to spasms that affect the nervous and digestive systems.

They are a hypersensitive, impatient, nervous, irritable, and active person, who does not tolerate the slightest obstacle; they are angry and easily aggressive.

A balanced Nux vomica individual is a hyperactive person, they have a strong personality, they are organised, impulsive, nervous, always ready, and they transgress norms and lifestyle.

They are demanding with themselves and with others. They do not tolerate irresponsibility or incompetence in a person.

A Nux vomica individual can be a businessman or woman, a woman who accumulates work, home and children.

They can also be a child overloaded by school, friends and extracurricular activities.

They do not like to be contradicted and want to be increasingly effective. If they are children they have cravings for sugar. If they are adults they have a weakness for tobacco, alcohol and stimulants.

The Nux vomica child is quick at school, catch everything on the fly, finishing their work and supporting their peers. They are leaders, hyperactive, intelligent, ask very deep questions and are open.

In imbalance they feel tired after meals and waking. They are very irritable, angry, and oversensitive and have digestive problems.

A Nux vomica individual wakes up at night around three in the morning with stomach pain and anxiety. If they have insomnia it is because something is going wrong in their work. They will collapse before a failure.

When is Nux vomica used?

Nux vomica may be recommended in all cases that affect the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. It is prescribed after overuse of coffee, alcohol, tobacco or a good meal.

It is also prescribed after consumption of drugs, stimulants, sedatives or laxatives. They are hedonistic; they like to go out at night, to drink and if it is a man, he is a womaniser.

It is recommended for side effects of certain long and excessive treatments, such as interruption of tranquillisers, laxative abuse, or coffee and stimulants.

Nux vomica is also useful in exhaustion and professional worries, especially if accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle and eating heavily or abundantly.

What feelings do they have?

An individual with a Nux vomica personality is hypersensitive to light, noise, smells and the slightest touch. They are also very sensitive to cold. The Nux vomica condition is a state of confusion in the morning like “after a binge”.

Stomach upset occurs one or two hours after meals. They have drowsiness after eating. They often feel a false desire to defecate or have the impression that the deposition was incomplete.

Main clinical indications

It is recommended in behavioural disorders

When the patient has anger, irritability, aggression or addictive behaviours.

When the patient has cramps, tenderness or hypersensitivity to noise, odours or contact.

When the patient suffers from insomnia or difficulty falling asleep. Afterwards they wake up towards three o’clock in the morning in the context of overwork.

Other indications

Digestive system: It is recommended for indigestion after a binge, to prevent a hangover, acidity, constipation with need to defecate, haemorrhoids.

Respiratory system: It is recommended for allergic rhinitis, for colds that appear after being cold, with sneezing and rhinitis upon waking and nasal dryness at night. Nux vomica is also recommended in for flu conditions.

Others: It is recommended for spasmodic arterial hypertension, ailments caused by various toxins (alcohol, tobacco, stimulants, medication) in headaches and migraines after drinking or eating too much.

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