Lachesis mutus: extreme jealousy and envy

Lachesis mutus is the venom of the South American Bushmaster snake. In homeopathy, the root of the issues affecting the child with the Lachesis mutus personality is a feeling of abandonment.

This child has somehow formed the opinion that he has been abandoned and betrayed and feels a sense of painful loss, grief and resentment. He is ego-centric and paranoid.

Subconsciously, he believes that he is responsible for his rejection and he boosts his conscious ego by trying to portray a positive image of himself.

This leads him to project his subconscious feelings of guilt onto others, through resentment, violent aggression, jealousy, envy and an authoritarian demand for affection.

The child who responds to the Lachesis mutus temperament feels like he is good but rejected.

How do you recognise a child who is affected by Lachesis mutus?

The child feels abandoned and betrayed.

The child may develop Lachesis mutus traits in situations such as:

  • When something is kept from him, for example in situations of domestic violence that he feels responsible for, or a pregnancy that has not yet been announced.
  • When he feels deeply guilty. For example, after he has seriously injured somebody or after a relative has passed away (he feels guilty)…
  • During violent situations or sudden life changes and separations (the start of nursery, school, grief, a new sibling…)

He is an ego-centric child who is extremely jealous, envious and malicious, with a tendency to bite, to reproach his mother, to criticise, hurt his sibling and be violent towards him/her.

This child is extroverted, intelligent, imaginative, intuitive, manipulative and malicious. He looks for the weak spot in others and uses it to his advantage.

He knows how to manipulate his parents to get what he wants, especially his mother, who he constantly persuades and torments.

The individual who is affected by Lachesis mutus is deceitful, authoritative, and ego-centric and likes to have an audience when he speaks.

If unbalanced, the Lachesis mutus individual stops talking and is more or less mute.

They dream about snakes and water, and are afraid of being poisoned.

They are inclined to suffer from respiratory afflictions, throat and ear infections, allergic rhinitis and asthma, especially in the summer.

They don’t like to have anything restrictive or around their neck i.e. scarves, polo neck tops…

Always seek advice from your doctor, therapist, pharmacist or health professional.

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