Drosera rotundifolia to calm a cough

Drosera rotundifolia is a homeopathic remedy that is used to treat a spasmodic, suffocating cough. It is a medicine that treats conditions affecting the respiratory, lymphatic and osteoarticular systems.

The Drosera rotundifolia patient is prone to suffering from repeated respiratory conditions, his immune system is weak and he is extremely sensitive to the cold.

When do we use Drosera rotundifolia?

We prescribe it for respiratory conditions that surface repeatedly, causing a suffocating, spasmodic cough that usually appears at night.

Drosera rotundifolia characteristics

Patients feel pressure in their chest and have a tickly larynx or a feeling of having a foreign object in their throat, which activates their cough reflex.

The cough is spasmodic and suffocating; cyanosis appears during the coughing fit.

The cough is productive and patients are able to expectorate.

Patients feel worse at night, when they feel hot in bed, when they speak, sing or laugh. Symptoms improve when pressure is applied with the hands.

Joint pain is aggravated with movement.

Clinical indications

  • Laryngitis and tracheitis with spasmodic coughs that initiate with a tickle in the larynx, particularly at night. They usually appear after the flu or bronchitis.
  • Nighttime asthma attacks with coughing fits.
  • Recurrent rhinofaringitis that causes small hard nodes in children.
  • Whooping cough.
  • Hip rheumatism and reactive arthritis.

Foto: Noah Elhardt, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

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