Coccus cacti: an effective expectorant

In homeopathy, Coccus cacti is an excellent remedy for the the treatment of whooping cough and tracheitis. It has a great affinity with the respiratory system.

Coccus cacti or cochineal is a small insect that is found in Mexico.

Characteristics of Coccus cacti individuals

The patient has abundant mucus that causes nausea to the touch or when he cleans his teeth.

The cough starts with an unbearable tickling feeling in the larynx.

It is a productive cough, with plenty of stringy, slimy phlegm.

The cough worsens in a warm enclosed space and improves with a sip of cold water.

The cough appears in the morning, shortly after waking, and at night, before midnight.

Clinical indications

A continuous spasmodic cough that appears at the end of the day and shortly after waking.

Whooping cough in its stage of development.

Foto: Oscar Carrizosa, CC

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