Cannabis indica in homeopathy

Cannabis indica is a homeopathic remedy that acts upon the emotions and the mind. There are two distinctive personalities that respond successfully to Cannabis indica. One of these is more artistic and the other is more intellectual.

Those who are artistic seem to be forever “high”, floating about in a trance-like state. If they wake up at night, they feel like they are having an out of body experience – their “spirit” has come away from their body.

They want to move their legs but can’t do so. This supposed state of levitation makes them feel terrified – they have a fear of death, but especially fear losing their mind. This type of fear disappears after a short while.

They have a distorted view of space and time. Time seems to move very slowly and small distances can seem like miles and miles.

Their sensory perception is exaggerated and intense.

Cannabis: a lazy, confused mind

Their lazy, confused mind makes them incompetent at work – they don’t think twice about leaving their job if they are unsatisfied or have simply lost interest.

Indica people are joyful and extremely happy, as nothing seems to worry them. They constantly laugh, even when the subject matter is serious – they can laugh and cry at the same time.

The other personality type is either more intellectual or a bit of a freak – they are the complete opposite of the first personality type. If Cannabis indica individuals lose control of their things, they become anxious.

They have the same out of body sensations, but only in their limbs. Obsessiveness and a fear of losing their mind always feature in their subconscious mind.

Cannabis indica: intelligent people

These people are mentally agile and intelligent, they have their own ideas but their reasoning is nonsensical – they construct their own theories that have nothing to do with reality.

These people are cultured and have opinions on many topics, but their ideas are unfounded and have neither head nor tail.

They are great speakers but are unable to pinpoint their ideas, as they see things from many different perspectives and reason by overthinking, delving into each topic and trying to link concepts together.

Cannabis indica: they talk and talk…

To summarise, they talk and talk, presenting different theories and explanations that contradict each other and have no logical conclusion.

They are critical of, and defy, everything. They always want to know why and are very complex, as there needs to be a reason behind each decision and each decision has to be within their control.

Being in control is very important to this subject. This behaviour leads Cannabis to unhappiness and the belief that they are losing their mind.

They have strong sexual desires and in some cases, these are so intense that they need to resort to masturbation if they have no intimate company.

They are very thirsty and feel better with rest and being outdoors.

Main indications
  • Acute gonorrhoea.
  • Urine infections.
  • Nervous states with weakness in the limbs.
  • Mental obtusion and confusion due to regular drug taking (hashish, LSD, heroin or others…). Also for bad experiences relating to these types of drugs (bad trips).
  • Dizziness when getting up.
  • Hallucinations  causing a feeling of levitation and distortion of space and time.

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