Avena sativa: for physical and intellectual fatigue

Avena sativa, also known as the common oat, is used in homeopathy to treat fatigue or exhaustion. It has a sedative effect because it contains gramine.

Formerly it was used for its sedative effect, for quitting smoking tobacco and opium.

It works on the central nervous system. Avena sativa is recommended when the patient has:

signs of physical, intellectual and sometimes sexual fatigue,

signs of excitement with insomnia and agitation.

In the patient it is observed:

An inability to pay attention, headache in the occipital area, sexual fatigue and decreased muscle strength.

Main clinical indication of Avena sativa


Avena sativa is recommended for:

fatigue and loss of appetite as a result of infectious diseases.

insomnia, during a period of overwork, physical and intellectual exhaustion or during periods of emotional exhaustion.

Sometimes it is combined with alfalfa, such as in formulas composed of sprouted grains.

Did you know…

Avena sativa is responsible for allergic reactions after sensitisation by air or orally.

It is information to be considered in allergic people or those sensitised to Avena sativa or common oat.

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