Arnica Montana, potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory

Arnica Montana or mountain tobacco is a homeopathic remedy with powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Arnica Montana possesses tropism for the muscles and blood vessels in the body. It is the most important homeopathic remedy for any injury or post-traumatic shock.

It is a homeopathic remedy for any type of blow, contusion, bruise, dislocation and muscle fatigue. It is also very effective for certain types of fevers that accompany shivers and dry mouth.

It is recommended in instances of overload, tension, and violent emotional shock, or if there are sensations of pins and needles, bruising, or feelings of “having been beaten”.

When do we prescribe Arnica Montana?

It can be prescribed for any form of trauma, blow, swelling and muscular fatigue.

The sooner it is administered, the quicker and more effectively it works. It soothes pain, impedes the formation of tumors and accelerates the reabsorption of those that have begun to form.

It is recommended to take Arnica Montana 9 ch, 5 granules every 5 or 10 minutes during the first hour and then spacing out the dosage as you start to feel better.

  • For swellings and bruises
  • For varicose veins and pain associated with veins
  • For sports; before, during and after
  • Before and after operations. In this case it is very important to understand the dilutions that should be taken.

Arnica Montana is a vascular protector, limiting the risks of hemorrhages and accelerating the reabsorption of edemas and ecchymosis.

You are advised to take Arnica Montana 8 days before and 8 days after surgery. It is not recommended that you take it prior to any dental surgery.

Personality characteristics of Arnica Montana

– Sensation of a contusion, pins and needles and muscular pain

– Impression that the bed is too hard

– You feel better when you are lying down, with the head lowered, worsens upon contact.

– When you are ill, you do not wish to show it and you prefer to be left alone.

In our home first aid kit we can have Arnica Montana 9 ch and 15 ch.

Photo: CC0 Public Domain

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Kimberley Colangelo

Thank you for a most informative article. I am constantly amazed by the scope or Arnica. It seems every time I read about this amazing remedy I find out something new! I am confused however, about your statement regarding not using Arnica prior to dental surgery. I have always been taught that Arnica is an excellent choice pre and post dental surgery. Could you please explain why.